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Дисциплина: organisation and behaviour
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Lego&Siemens report on organization and behaviour

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Such a structure should not only improve efficiency, reduce administration costs and increase competitiveness, but also to create conditions allowing to reveal and develop the entrepreneurial talents of the employees so that they can take on and take responsibility not only for local functions, but also for all the field of business. All this had been done while maintaining the unity of the group Siemens. Therefore, the decision on institutional reform group adopted simultaneously with the decision not to vote as a base holding structure. In reforming Siemens as a transnational universal concern was essentially to adhere to the three dimensions of the organizational matrix consisting of a business unit, or units, bearing global responsibility for their product lines; central staff division with global decision-making authority; regional offices with responsibility for all activities in the region or in the country of residence. The structure of the group Siemens (as of October 1, 1994) includes:- 13 business offices, two business departments with their own legal form, and 3 distinct areas of business;- five central departments (from 14 main divisions), 3 central offices and 3 shared services;- regional divisions within the country and abroad. In addition to these units there are a large number of subsidiaries, the amount of equity that doesn't allow to integrate them into the overall management of the concern Siemens, for example, a joint venture between Bosch-Siemens Hausgerate GmbH. The new structure was introduced on the 1st of October, 1989. At the same time, due to a modification of the structure of the outbreak made a number of changes, for example, have established business relationships in internal cooperation, regrouped business department, sold some economic units. New structure has proved to be flexible and able to adapt as business offices, as a rule, do not have independent legal status. At the level of the central departments / offices and service staff as there is a concentration of problems (for example, the number of main departments decreased from 16 to 14) and the selection of service providers.
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